Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Easter 2007

SWEET COUSINS....Look at these sweet cousins! Can you believe we got them all together to take their picture and even Kyler, he usually doesn't want in the picture. The ages start from 8 years and youngest 6 months. Raelynn, Maggie, Kami, Hallie, Ellie, Ana, Kyler, Luke, and Lauren.

Raelynn and Kyler posing in front of papa Fred's beautiful flowers on this cold Easter day!

Easter Egg hunt with our friend Lauryn, at our neighborhood park and it was one chilly afternoon! April 7th 2007

March 2007.....Visiting Tulsa! We had fun with papa Fred visiting Grandma Ida. We also had a fun time with Grandma Gaye at Riverside park!!