Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It is 2 days after Kyler's ear tube surgery. He did well ! We walked up to him afterward and he had told the nurse that he was a expert at this! "This" meaning having surgery. He's such a big boy and we are very proud of him! Well, he had only one tube put in, his right ear is in pretty bad shape. The Dr. said his eardrum is retracting and we need to make sure this tube stays in and if not he will have to put in a new one. If the tube doesn't do its job he could loose his hearing in that ear. He also had to have his nose/sinus's cleaned out. Today he woke up with a 103 degree fever so I have been trying to get that down, but it doesn't stop him! Thank you for all of your prayers!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Enjoying this warm January day....Just this week last Sunday, Kyler started riding his bike without training wheels! This was such a exciting moment! The few days we had that were so nice, Kyler was so ready to get home after school and ride his bike!
This week Kyler had a ENT appointment and his Dr. wants to replace his ear tubes. One of the tubes is not in place and he has fluid in his ears and did not pass the hearing test. So this means yes another surgery! That is what some people think maybe, but for Kyler it is his 34th surgery and my SWEET ANGEL takes it in strides! After finding out about needing surgery he said "Mom you know what my favorite part of surgery is?" and I said what? he said " getting apple juice" this is a treat for Kyler! So, Kyler never moans and groans after ALL the surgery's his had and ALL the doctor appointments we go to, and etc. He is OUR amazing sweet boy!!! Well for me all the emotions start pouring in being worried, anxious, nervous, worried! So, anyway please pray for Kyler! His surgery is Monday Jan. 21st sometime that morning.

MORE Ketchup mom...
Kyler loves ketchup! He likes to eat it on a lot of food. He is a very busy boy and when he finally sits down at the table and most times reminds us to pray he is a very good eater and most the time will eat seconds ( sometimes he will try to eat what Raelynn has left on her plate) so this reminds me of our cousin Luke saying " he would like to dip the world in ketchup "! ( this quote is on his mom's blog) Well, I bet Kyler would be there right with ya dipping the world in ketchup, CUZ. !

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas Memories!!! 2007



A Place In The Christmas Choir...Dec.20, 2007
Raelynn played a Cat.